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What is Dry Oil for Skin and How do we Use it?

The very phrase “dry oil” seems a little contradictory, right? When you envision oil, your brain struggles to grapple with how it might also be “dry”; so it’s little wonder that many people are left confused over what exactly dry oil is, along with how to use it. We try to dispel mysteries surrounding skin care here at Land & Lore, so we’ve curated a series of blog articles to introduce you to products and ingredients. We put these together with hopes of eliminating confusion and encouraging a deeper knowledge that will ultimately help you choose the right products and get the healthiest skin of your life.

What is dry oil for skin?

Considering there is so much confusion over what dry oil is, it comes as no surprise that one of the next questions would be along the lines of “what is dry oil for skin?”. In truth there is absolutely no difference in what is marketed as a “dry oil” or one that is specifically marketed as “dry oil for skin”. All dry oils are suitable for use on skin.

The term ‘dry oil’ actually refers to the feeling the oil leaves on your skin after it’s been applied. Many oils tend to leave a greasy residue on the skin or take a very long time to soak in, but dry oil absorbs completely in very little time. Dry oils lock in deep hydration when they are absorbed, rather than leaving moisture on the surface of the skin.

Most dry oils for your skin tend to be made from natural ingredients such as vegetables, herbs, and seeds that contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid. Some examples include avocado oil, safflower oil, and rosehip oil.

Is dry oil good for your skin?

In short, it’s fantastic for your skin! Understandably, given the name, a lot of people question whether dry oil is good for your skin. Afterall, you want your skin to be nourished and hydrated. But the great thing is, dry oil does just that. Additionally, it is suitable for all skin types. Not only does it offer intense moisture, but some dry oils have been shown in studies to stimulate collagen production and decrease inflammation.

Due to the fact that dry oils are typically made from vegetables, herbs, and seeds, they tend to be naturally high in antioxidants. These antioxidants can help reduce oxidative stress on the skin and fight free radicals (this essentially means reducing the signs of premature ageing). Antioxidants are also very good at lessening the effects of sun damage. Many dry oils are naturally high in vitamins A, C, E, K, B, and folate, giving your skin a nourishing boost.

How to use dry oil.

Dry oil can actually be used on your skin, nails, and even in your hair, to improve moisture without making it greasy. For your face, the best approach is to warm a small amount of dry oil in your hands, then massage it into your face. You can use this instead of a cream moisturizer if you wish.

Dry oil is also great for using all over the body, particularly after a shower to lock in moisture! For your nails, rub a small amount into your cuticles to keep them in good condition. The nourishing vitamins in the oil will also help strengthen your nails.

You can use a small amount of dry oil to tame unruly, frizzy hair without making it greasy or weighing it down. You can use a little bit more for a deeply nourishing hair treatment if your locks require a bit of extra TLC.

For men in particular, you can also use dry oil on your beard to keep it nourished and under control! Dry oils are a fantastic multi-purpose product that are bound to serve you well, and most definitely worth an investment if any (or all) of the above appeal to you.

Land & Lore Dry Oil

Our own dry oil boasts a combination of Sunflower, Rosehip, Argan and Sea Buckthorn oils. All powerhouse ingredients in the realm of nutrient dense dry oils. After all, why would you settle for the benefits of just one, when you can harness the effects of several? Our nourishing and healing dry oil absorbs quickly into the skin, delivering plant-based extracts that deeply repair and replenish dry and mature skin.

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