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Simple Skincare From The Land


Healthier skin without all the fuss.

One Product = One Tree

Everything we make comes from nature, and it's our duty to give back.

Land & Lore has already planted over 5000 trees.

Every product you buy plants a tree with the Arbor Day Foundation.

1. Choose The Basics to

Cleanse & Hydrate

Cleanser & Moisturizer is the base kit for your skin.

2. Add Optional Products to

Protect / Heal / Calm

Hyaluronic Acid / Dry Oil / Eye Cream are no-nonsense add-ons.

3. Move On With Your Life

No need to overthink skincare again

Stop exploring skincare aisles, and get back to exploring the outdoors.

Anti-Aging, Glow, etc.

Skincare Buzzwords

We know all of these can be confusing.
That’s why we chose to simplify. Your life is confusing enough!

We just want to focus on what really matters: healthy skin.

Our products

Honor Your Skin

Your skin has endured some adventures.

Our products are designed to help keep skin healthy for years to come.


10,000 Years in the Making

Our ingredients have been trusted since ancient times, and science continues to unlock new ways of using them, increasing their efficacy, and ultimately improving your skin. It's science in service of nature – science that nurtures – just how it should be.